Digital Rebar Provision

simple, fast and open API-driven server provisioning.

DR Provision is a APLv2 simple Golang executable that provides a simple yet complete API-driven DHCP/PXE/TFTP provisioning system. It is designed to stand alone or operate as part of the Digital Rebar management system.

Simply, Digital Rebar Provisioner acts as a Cobbler Replacement

Digital Rebar Provision

Community Resources

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Install & Quick Start

Our Stable Quick Start has fast play-with-it steps. Don’t worry, they are very simple and take about 5 minutes.

Want the Latest Quick Start? You’ll have access to the newest features in tested work for the next release. This is NOT the bleeding edge!

Regular Install for more details on the install steps. These include production options. (`Previous Version Docs<>`_)

Table of Contents

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