18. Digital Rebar Provision API

In general, the Digital Rebar Provision API is documented via the Swagger spec and introspectable for machines via /swagger.json and for humans via /swagger-ui.

All API calls are available under /api/v3 based on the Digital Rebar API convention.

18.1. API Filters

The API includes index driven filters for large deployments that can be used to pre-filter requests from the API.

The list of available indexes is provided by the /api/v3/indexes and /api/v3/indexes/[model] calls. These hashs provide a list of all keys that can be used for filters with some additional metadata.

To use the index, simply include one or more indexs and values on the request URI. For example:


The filter specification allows more complex filters using functions:

  • Key=Eq(Value) (that is the same as Key=Value)
  • Lt(Value)
  • Lte(Value)
  • Gt(Value)
  • Gte(Value)
  • Ne(Value)
  • Ranges: * Between(Value1,Value2) (edited) * Except(Value1,Value2)

The query string applies ALL parameters are to be applied (as implied by the & separator). All must match to be returned.

18.2. API Exception Notes

There are times when the API and models have exceptions or changes that do not follow the normal pattern. This section is designed to provide a reference for those exceptions

This section is intended to provide general information about and functional of the API

What would otherwise be Machine.Params is actually embedded under Machines.Profile.Params. This composition simplifies that precedence calculation for Params by making Machines the top of the Profiles stack. All the other fields in the Machines.Profile are ignored.


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