6. Upgrade

While not glamorous, existing code can be overwritten by a new install and restart. That is about it. Here are few more details.

6.1. Steps

For isolated Install, update this way:

  1. Stop dr-provision:

    killall dr-provision
  2. Return to the install directory

  3. Run the install again

    rm sha256sums
    # Remeber to use --drp-version to set a version other than stable
    # Curl/Bash from quickstart if desired, or this:
    tools/install.sh --isolated install
  4. Restart dr-provision, as stated by the tools/install.sh output.

For non-isolated Install, update this way:

  1. Stop dr-provision, using the system method of choice

    systemctl stop dr-provision


    service dr-provision stop
  2. Install new code - Use the same install technique as the first install. Install

  3. Start up dr-provision

systemctl start dr-provision


service dr-provision start

6.2. Version to Version Notes

In this section, notes about migrating from one release to another will be added.

6.2.1. v3.0.0 to v3.0.1

If parameters were added to machines or global, these will need to be manually re-added to the machine or global profile, respectively. The machine’s parameter setting cli is unchanged. The global parameters will need to be changed to a profiles call.

drpcli parameters set fred greg


drpcli profiles set global fred greg

6.2.2. v3.0.1 to v3.0.2

There are changes to templates and bootenvs. Upgrade will not update these automatically, because they may be in use and working properly. it is necessary to restart by removing the bootenvs and templates directory in the data store directory (usually drp-data/digitalrebar or /var/lib/dr-provision/digitalrebar) and re-uploading the bootenvs and templates (tools/discovery-load.sh). Additionally, templates and bootenvs can be manually added and updated, with drpcli.

6.2.3. v3.0.2 to v3.0.3

This is a quick turn release to address the issue with updating bootenvs. This is a CLI code and docs only change.

6.2.4. v3.0.3 to v3.0.4

Nothing needs to be done.

6.2.5. v3.0.4 to v3.0.5

Nothing needs to be done.

6.2.6. v3.0.5 to v3.1.0

7. Subnet Enabled

The subnet objects have an enabled flag that allows for subnets to be turned off without deleting them. This value defaults to false (off). To enable existing subnets, you will need to do the following for each subnet in your system:

drpcli subnets update subnet1 '{ "Enabled": true }'

Replace subnet1 with the name of your subnet.

8. Local UI Removed

The old UI has been removed and a redirect to the cloud-based UI is present instead. The UI loads into the browswer and then uses the API to access the Endpoint. The DRP endpoint does not talk to the internet. The browser acts as a bridge for content transfers. The only requirement is that the browser has access to the Endpoint and HTTPS-based access to the internet. The HTTPS-based access can be through a web proxy.

9. Install Script Changed

There are minor changes to the install script for isolated mode. Production mode installs are still done and updated the same way. For isolated, there are some new flags and options. Please see the commands output for more details or check the updated Quick Start.