19.1. Contributing to Digital Rebar Provision

Before submitting pull requests, please make sure to read and understood the Apache license. Submitting a pull is considered to be accepting the project’s license terms.

All contributions require signing the Contributor License Agreement, which can be found at:

On your first code check-in, you will be able to sign the CLA via the use of the CLA-Assistant.

19.1.1. Guidelines for Pull Requests

We follow typical Github fork/pull request processes.

  • Must be Apache 2 license
  • For bugs & minor items (20ish lines), we can accept the request at our discretion
  • Does not inject vendor information (Name or Product) into Digital Rebar except where relevant to explain utility of push (e.g.: help documentation & descriptions).
  • Passes code review by Digital Rebar team reviewer
  • Does not degrade the security model of the product
  • Does not reduce code coverage
  • Items requiring more scrutiny
    • Major changes
    • CLI/API changes, especially breaking compatability
    • New technology
  • Pull requests should be against a defined feature branch in the Digital Rebar repo

19.1.2. Timing

  • Accept no non-bug fix push requests within 2 weeks of a release fork
  • No SLA - code accepted at PTLs discretion. No commitment to accept changes.

19.1.3. Coding Expectations

  • Copyright & License header will be included in files that can tolerate headers
  • At least 1 line comments as header for all methods
  • Documentation for API calls concurrent with pull request

19.1.4. Testing/ Validation

  • For core functions, the push will be validated to ensure it does NOT break build, deploy, or our commercial products
  • For operating systems that are non-core, we will not validate on the target OS for the push.
  • We expect that a pull request will be built and tested in our CI system before the push can be accepted.