23.31. lenovo-support - Lenovo Support

The following documentation is for Lenovo Support (lenovo-support) content package at version v4.6.0-beta01.97+g1e33864277dc9bbb839f71f1eff994a0c4f05c23.

23.31.1. Object Specific Documentation params

The content package provides the following params. lenovo-onecli-install-target

OneCli is packaged as tarball that contains all the executables and support libraries in a big flat directory. As such, it cannot be installed in using the usual package installation methods. The directory indicated by this parameter is where we will install it instead. lenovo-onecli-url

Lenovo systems are configured in-band via a the OneCli command. This parameter is a URL that points directly at the version of the command you want to install in the Sledgehammer environment for in-band BIOS configuration management and firmware updates.