23.41. solidfire

The following documentation is for solidfire content package at version v4.2.40.

23.41.1. tasks

The content package provides the following tasks. solidfire-test-eligibility

There are a few of tests that we must perform to see if a node can be managed by the Solidfire content bundle:

  1. The node must be a Solidfire node.
  2. The docker-context plugin must be present and operational.
  3. The image for the solidfire context must be present.

This task must be run from within Sledgehammer.

23.41.2. params

The content package provides the following params. solidfire/clear-network-config

By default, we have the Solidfire RTFI process continue to use the network configuration it started with. If this param is set to true, then at the end of the RTFI process the box will revert to using DHCP on the Bond1G interface.

This flag is only intended to be used when you are going to move the Solidfire box to a different network. solidfire/elementos-image-source

The location of the ElementOS install tree that should be used to RTFI the Solidfire box with. If the value of the param does not start with https:// or http://, it is assumed that the image lives on the static file server of the running dr-provision server. The contents of the tree should be the results of extracting an ElementOS ISO with bsdtar.