1.3. Non-PXE Install (Cloud & VM)

This Non-PXE install (aka Cloud) guide provides a cloud focused installation process that runs DRP inside a Cloud Provider where PXE installation is not possible.

Other installation paths:

Unlike other environments which requires careful setup up of your network environment and consideration with regard to competing DHCP services, this setup does not use DHCP or PXE provisioning.

You must install Digital Rebar to use it, there is no SaaS version. Why do I have to install Digital Rebar locally?

1.3.1. Preparation

Acquire a Linux Cloud or Virtual instance. It should have at least 4 Gb or RAM and 20 Gb of storage available.

You must provide access to TCP/8092 (or override the default port) to access Digital Rebar. Openning ports varies depending on the provider.

For the Cloud Wrapper provisioning, Docker or Podman must be installed. If you use the self-runner flags and bootstrap-advanced workflow then Digital Rebar will install the available container system during bootstrapping.

1.3.2. Install

To begin, execute the following commands in an SSH session or during instance cloud-init process:

curl -fsSL get.rebar.digital/stable | bash -s -- install --systemd --version=stable

The command will download the stable Digital Rebar (the systemctl service name is dr-provision) bundle and checksum from github, extract the files, verify prerequisites are installed, and create needed directories and links under /var/lib/dr-provision. The --systemd and --version flags included for clarity, they are not required for this install.

The install script used by our installs has many additional options including remove that are documented in its help and explored in other install guides.

Once the installation script completes, a Digital Rebar endpoint will be running your instance!

Follow the steps in UX System Bootstrap Wizard to registered your Digital Rebar endpoint.

1.3.3. Cloud Wrappers

Once Digital Rebar is running, it is the same as any other installation; however, different provisioning utilities are required because PXE and Netboot are not available. In these cases, Digital Rebar will use the cloud providers’ APIs to create and destroy machines.

Instead of upload ISOs for provisioning, Cloud instances should review cloud-wrappers - Cloud Wrappers for details about building cloud provisioning using Digital Rebar contexts.

1.3.4. Clean Up

Once you are finished exploring Digital Rebar Provision in the cloud, remove the instance.