20.9. kb-00008: Set SSH Root Mode

20.9.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00008

20.9.2. Description

How to configure access in operating systems (including Sledgehammer) to log in with a username and password. By default, most operating system templates are secured to not allow user/pass login authentication, requiring SSH public/private keys.

20.9.3. Solution

The Param access-ssh-root-mode defines the login policy for the root user. The default vaule is without-password which means the remote SSH root user must access must be performed with SSH keys (see Knowledge Base Article: kb-00006). Possible values are:

value definition
without-password require SSH public keys for root login, no forced commands
yes allow SSH root user login with password
no do not allow SSH root user login at all
forced-commands-only only allow forced commands to run via remote login

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