20.11. kb-00010: Using the .drpclirc File

20.11.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00010

20.11.2. Description

There are several ways to define the DRP Endpoint, Username, and Password for authentication to access DRP. This article describes how to use the .drpclirc file to define endpoint and authentication credentials.

This method replaces manual specification of the information, which might look like:

drpcli -E -U admin_user -P admin_super_secret_password ...

This method helps prevent authentication secrets from leaking in the environment via the process table listings, or shell history mechanisms.

20.11.3. Solution

If you need the DRPCLI, follow instructions for Download DRPCLI.

In addition to the environment variables (eg RS_ENDPOINT, RS_KEY, etc) and setting explicit drpcli values via option flags (eg --enpdoint, -E, etc), you can now use a home _RC_ style configuration file to set these values.

To do so, create a file $HOME/.drpclirc with the following possible values and format:

value notes
RS_ENDPOINT sets the endpoint API location (default:
RS_USERNAME sets username to auth to the Endpoint (default: “rocketskates”)
RS_PASSWORD sets the password for the auth (default: “r0cketsk8ts”)
RS_KEY sets user:pass pair for authentication (default: “rocketskates:r0cketsk8ts”)
RS_TOKEN a precreated Token (which may have a specific use scope)
RS_FORMAT command line output format to use (json,yaml,text,table)
RS_PRINT_FIELDS comma separate list of fields to show in output “table” or “text” format
RS_NO_HEADER remove the header fields from “table” or “text” format output
RS_TRUNCATE_LENGTH limits the length of fields displayed for “table” or “text” output formats
RS_DOWNLOAD_PROXY sets the http proxy to use when downloading bootenv ISO files


You can not use Shell style export in front of the variable, and do NOT surround the value with double or single quotes.

20.11.4. Additional Information

Additional resources and information related to this Knowledge Base article. See Also Versions

v4.1.0 or newer


The RS_FORMAT, RS_PRINT_FIELDS, RS_NO_HEADER, and RS_TRUNCATE_LENGTH variables are only valid for drpcli v4.2.0-beta2.0 or newer versions. Keywords

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