20.18. kb-00017: Custom Kickstart and Preseeds

20.18.1. Knowledge Base Article: kb-00017

20.18.2. Description

Most Digital Rebar community content Boot Environments (BootEnvs) utilize a templatized kickstart or preeseed file. In many cases, an operator may need to provide extensive customizations to these templates to meet their operational needs. These templates can be replace “on-the-fly” with in-field custom templates.


It is strongly encourage that you replicate the two post lines that reset workflow, and enable installer based DRP Agent/Runner services, to provide customization and/or notification of completion to the DRP Endpoint. Failure to do so (or manually arrange advancing the Workflow tasks states), will result in a system install that appears to “hang”, or may restart loop and repeat the installation indefinitely.

20.18.3. Solution

You can now define a custom Kickstart or Preseed (aka kickseed) to override the defaults in the selected BootEnv. You simply need to only define a single Param (select-kickseed) with the name of the Kickstart or Preseed you wish to override the default value.

# obtain the Machine UUID, or replace $UUID with 'Name:<machine_name>'
export UUID="f6ca7bb6-d74f-4bc1-8544-f3df500fb15e"
drpcli machines set $UUID param select-kickseed to "my_kickstart.cfg"

Of course, you can apply a Param to a Profile, and apply that Profile to a group of Machines if desired.


The Digital Rebar default kickstart and preseeds have Digital Rebar specific interactions that may be necessary to replicate. Please review the default kickstart and preseeds for patterns and examples you may need to re-use. We HIGHLY recommend you start with a clone operation of an existing Kickstart/Preseed file; and making appropriate modifications from that as a baseline.

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