14.13. Runbooks

14.13.1. Backup

For the following commands it is assumed you already have drbup installed and in your PATH. For full documentation on drbup please see the documentation.

  • Create a backup of a running DRP endpoint. Backs up the system to a single file that can be shipped off to a separate server. In this process the dr-provision service will be stopped while the system is backed up. Once the backup is complete the service will be restarted.

    drbup backup --source /var/lib/dr-provision --dest /root/dr-provision_backup.tar.bz2
  • Restore the backup file, and start the dr-provision service.

    systemctl stop dr-provision.service
    drbup restore --source /root/dr-provision_backup.tar.bz2 --dest /var/lib/dr-provision --start-service
  • Sync local DRP to remote DRP2

    systemctl stop dr-provision.service
    drbup sync --remote --source /var/lib/dr-provision --dest /var/lib/ --remote-host admin@remote-drp2.internal
    systemctl start dr-provision.service


Local DRP and remote DRP2 must have shared ssh keys for the user, otherwise manual intervention will be required by an operator to supply credentials.