6.2. Digital Rebar version 4.7 [in process]

Release Date: expected July 2021

Release Themes: Usability, Universal Workflow UX, Cloud Usecase

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, the release includes several customer-driven features.

See Release Summaries for a complete list of all releases.

6.2.1. Important Notices Vulnerabilities

None known Deprecations

None known Removals

The following items are flagged as deprecated in v4.5 and are removed in v4.7.

  • old pattern cluster synchronization with cluster-add, cluster-step and cluster-sync. Operators should migrate to the new cluster-manager patterns.

6.2.2. Universal Workflow UX Helpers

The components of Universal Workflow are all included the the v4.6 release. v4.7 will include UX tools that help make the feature more accessible.

6.2.3. Restricted Access ISOs

Planned, not committed

6.2.4. Integrated Simple DNS

Planned, not committed

6.2.5. Other Items of Note

  • UX
  • TBD