6.2. Digital Rebar version 4.8 [in process]

Release Date: October 2021

Release Themes: Usability, Universal Workflow UX, Cloud Usecase

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, the release includes several customer-driven features.

See Release Summaries for a complete list of all releases.

6.2.1. Important Notices

  • Digital Rebar v4.7 added port 8090 to the list of ports _required_ for provisioning operations. Please verify that port 8090 (default, this can be changed) is accessible for Digital Rebar endpoints.
  • Due to changes in the install zip format, the API-based upgrade of DRP to v4.7+ requires usage of most recent https://portal.RackN.io (v4.7 for self-hosted UX users) or the use of DRPCLI v4.6.7+. The v4.7 install.sh upgrade process also includes theses changes. Vulnerabilities

None known Deprecations

None known Removals

None known


6.2.3. Terraform and Cloud-Wrapper Updates

Cloud Wrapper templates were updated to enable better integration into universal workflow and simplify importing existing Terraform plans.

  1. to use cloud-init instead of relying on Ansible for join-up.
  2. to allow creating many machines from a single plan (uses cluster/profile)
  3. improve controls after Terraform created instances
  4. improve synchronization after Terraform destroys instances

6.2.4. External Secrets

Extend the Digital Rebar parameters to dynamically retrieve information from external sources.

6.2.5. UX for Infrastructure Pipelines / Universal Workflow

Enhance RackN Portal UX to provide additional user guidance for Universal Workflow components.

6.2.6. WorkUnits / AsynchActions (Preview)

Create a new operational mode for the Digital Rebar runner that allows tasks to be performed asynchronously outside of Workflows. This allows machines to be addressed as services.

6.2.7. VMware Cluster Building

Beyond ESXi installation, Digital Rebar will coordinate cluster building activities for completed vCenter build out including VSAN, NSX-T using vmware lib and other tools.

6.2.8. Other Items of Note

  • TBD