6.1. Digital Rebar version 4.9 [plannning]

Release Date: Early 2022

Release Themes: TBD

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, the release includes several customer-driven features.

See Release Summaries for a complete list of all releases.

6.1.1. Important Notices

New for this release:

From prior releases:

  • v4.8 added Workflows relating to Clusters and Cloud_Wrappers have been significantly changed. Operators using those patterns should carefully review their implementation before upgrading.
  • v4.7 added port 8090 to the list of ports _required_ for provisioning operations. Please verify that port 8090 (default, this can be changed) is accessible for Digital Rebar endpoints.
  • v4.7 changed the install zip format, the API-based upgrade of DRP to v4.7+ requires usage of most recent https://portal.RackN.io (v4.7 for self-hosted UX users) or the use of DRPCLI v4.6.7+. The v4.7 install.sh upgrade process also includes theses changes.
  • v4.6 changed mananging of signed certificates, the process for updating and importing certificates has changed to require using the DRPCLI or API to update certificates. See Certificate Operations for details. Vulnerabilities

None known Deprecations

None known Removals

  • pre-Universal Bootstrap (bootstrap-base, bootstrap-advanced, bootstrap-contexts) workflows and related stages will be removed in v4.9. This functionality has been migrated to bootstrap-universal.
  • Reposted from v4.8:
    • The single machine behavior of Cloud_Wrapper has been removed. The v4.8 Cloud_Wrapper works strictly with the Resource Broker model.
    • The capability for Machine Panel field restriction for UX Views has been removed in v4.8. If you are using this capability, please let RackN know.
    • The pre v4.6 cluster patterns have been removed. The v4.8 Cluster utilities work strictly with the Cluster model.


6.1.3. Integrated Billing

May be pulled forward into v4.7 or v4.8

6.1.4. Restricted Access ISOs

Planned, not committed

6.1.5. Integrated Simple DNS

Planned, not committed

6.1.6. Other Items of Note

  • UX * TBD