16. UX Specific Metadata

The following items are commonly used on all Object types to provide UX rendering guides:

  • icon: [icon name] - sets the icon
  • color: [color name] - set the color

16.1. Param.Meta Options

There are several meta fields that can be used to adjust on screen display for Params

  • password: [anyvalue] - renders as password (NOT encrypted, just obfuscated)
  • clipboard: [anyvalue] - provides a copy button so user can copy the param contents to clipboard.
  • readonly: [anyvalue] - does not allow UX editing
  • render: raw - presents textarea to user instead of regular edit, does not reformat
  • render: link - adds an https://[value] link field that opens in a new tab.
  • downloadable: [file name] - provides download link so user can download the param contents as a file. Name of the file is the value of the Meta.downloadable.
  • route: [object name] - provides a link to an internal object using the param value. For example, Meta.route=”templates” with param value “foo” creates an internal link to “#/e/endpoint:8092/templates/foo”

16.2. Pipeline options

The following Meta values are used to help the UX offer an simplified experience for operators.

General guidelines for required components of Pipeline metadata

  • color: olive. Standard pipelines components should use olive as the color
  • icon: map signs. Standard pipeline components shoudl use maps signs as the icon.

The chain-map tasks and values are exceptions.

16.2.1. Workflows.Meta

  • universal - describes the entry point for the workflow
    • start - entry point for pipelines
    • provision - performs provision operations for pipelines

16.2.2. Profiles.Meta

  • pipeline - used to filter user created pipeline Profiles. DO NOT include with universal-application profiles. Use value from application.
    • cluster - create/deletes/manages other machines
    • machine - manages the machine assigned
  • application - the type of pipeline
    • cluster - create/deletes/manages other machines
    • machine - manages the machine assigned
  • platform - the platform or vendor target for the pipeline
    • linode | aws | google | azure
    • centos | rocky | ubuntu | esxi | windows
  • major - for versionsed systems, identifies major version
  • minor: - for versionsed systems, identifies minor version
  • required - UX form helper ensures users are prompted to add needed values
    • for example: “linode/token,linode/root-password”
  • optional - UX form helper ensures users are prompted to add common values
    • for example: “linode/region,linode/instance-type,linode/instance-image,linode/root-password”

16.2.3. Stages.Meta

  • workflow - UX helper points back to the workflow using this stage
  • phase - UX helper to identify the phase of the work
    • base
    • pre
    • mid
    • post
  • action - UX helper to identify to type of work
    • classification
    • validation
    • flexiflow

16.2.4. Tasks.Meta