26.13. drp-prom-mon

The following documentation is for drp-prom-mon content package at version v1.13.3-0-4d14a648bbe323738514cbc9958f1a25f4678be8.

26.13.1. tasks

The content package provides the following tasks. cfg-drp-prefs

Set the Global Preferences for a DRP instance. If the associated OptionalParams are set, then the default settings will be overridden with the value specified. The defaults for the BootEnv and Stages will assume Discover/Sledgehamer/Discovery. cfg-grafana

This task configures the drp-prom-mon Grafana component. The Prometheus Datasource will be setup, the default admin credentials will be changed, and the grafana shared dashboard (ID 405) will be installed. install-node-exporter

This task installs the Node Exporter package on a given machine. It also will record the Node Exporter systems IP address in the param ‘drp-prom-mon/node-exporter’. This value will subsequently be used by the Prometheus Stage to collect (scrape) metrics from this machine.

The Param ‘drp-prom-mon/cluster-profile’ MUST BE SET on the machine so that the Stage can record the Pram information correctly.

If the Param ‘drp-prom-mon/cluster-profile’ is set to the value


Then the Stage will assume this is an all-in-one DRP/Prometheus/ Node Exporter/Grafana platform - and you DO NOT have to set the cluster profile. add-node-exporter-param

The ‘drp-prom-mon/node-exporter’ Param defines the IP Address of the Node Exporter that will be scraped by the Prometheus instance. This value will subsequently be used by the Prometheus configuration steps to add a scrape rule to config files for collecting metrics.

26.13.2. params

The content package provides the following params. drp-prom-mon/installer-version

This param will set the version of the ‘install.sh’ script to install this DRP instance with.

The only options supported are

stable tip drp-prom-mon/node-exporter

This param will be set to the Machine IP address that the Node Exporter will be running on. Node Exporter will feed metrics to the Prometheus/Grafana instance

Prometheus pulls stats, so no need to configure the Node Exporter to know about it. However, Prometheus DOES need to be configured to know about Node Exporter to scrape stats.

This Param is used in the Prometheus install task. drp-prom-mon/cluster-profile

This param will be set to the users cloned profile name for the cluster. It is used to identify the Profile to write Param data to for subsequent use during install and configuration stages.

This Params should be used in a cloned Profile which contains the name of the Clone in this Param. drp-prom-mon/drp-version

This param will set the version of Digital Rebar Provision to install on the Machine.

Set this to any value supported by the DRP installer script. Typically these values would be like the following

stable = current production ‘stable’ release tip = current ‘tip’ release (usually tracks a few

commits behind ‘master’
v3.7.3 = an explicit version to install - the leading
‘v’ is required in the version string