26.41. virtualbox-ipmi

The following documentation is for virtualbox-ipmi content package at version v0.0.0.

26.41.1. workflows

The content package provides the following workflows. discover-virtualbox

This workflow is the most basic provisioning process for DRP when using Virtual Box.

REMINDER: Change the DefaultWorkflow to use this workflow in Virtual Box!

Similar to discover-base except that it adds the virtualbox-discover stage.

NOTE: To enable, upload Sledgehammer as per the sledgehammer BootEnv

26.41.2. params

The content package provides the following params. virtualbox/mem-size-mb

The size of the memory disk in MB. virtualbox/name

This is the name used by virtualbox for the machine. virtualbox/user

This is the user that the virtualbox machine is running as virtualbox/vm-path

This is the path to store vms. virtualbox/vram-size-mb

The size of the virtual Video Ram in MB. virtualbox/cpus

Number of cpus to create for this virtualbox machine virtualbox/disk-size-mb

The size of the virtual disk in MB. virtualbox/id

This parameter is used by the IPMI Plugin to access the BMC