RackN UX Behaviors


The UX version is determine live by downloading `version.json` during initialization. This file is located in the `app/assets` directory and is typically generated by the automated build process using `compute_version.sh` to create the file.

If the file is missing then the UX will display `unknown` and the console log will throw a lot of 404 errors. There is no other side effect of a missing version file.

The format of the version file is:

“tags”: [
“stable”, “test”, “tip”, “v1.6.0”

], “ahead_count”: 0, “ahead_tag”: “stable”, “ahead_who”: “system”, “offline”: false, “hash”: “63bb13b2fbbb4df4251f9bccbc6a43d036d1515e”


Specal Rendering for Params

There are several meta fields that can be used to adjust on screen display for params

  • `icon: [icon name]` - sets the icon
  • `color: [color name]` - set the color
  • `password: [anyvalue]` - on Param, renders as password (NOT encrypted, just obfuscated)
  • `readonly: [anyvalue]` - on Param, does not allow UX editing
  • `render: raw` - on Param, presents textarea to user instead of regular edit, does not reformat
  • `render: link` - on Param, adds an https://[value] link field that opens in a new tab.
  • `render: machines-map` - on Param, provides links and icons for machines in a UUID map.
  • `render: krib` - on Profile, will show a special section for the Kubernetes and links when `krib/cluster-admin-conf` is present.